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Kallal Medical Group is located in Keller, Texas and serves the Dallas/Fort Worth areas. We specialize in Sleep Apnea Studies / Home Sleep Study services.

Sleep studies can determine whether a patient has sleep apnea or another form of sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) by monitoring breathing, body movements and responses overnight.

Sleep studies measure the severity of your patient’s condition according to an apnea/hypopnea index (AHI), which refers to the number of apneas and hypopneas that occur per hour. The diagnosis will also take into account the patient’s oxygen desaturation and excessive daytime sleepiness.

Some patients are reticent about overnight in-lab testing and refuse to be tested at a lab. We have included a HST for your convenience, giving you an added service to assist your diagnoses. And with our ResMed ApneaLink Air, HST a diagnosis is a simple and efficient process for you as our patient.

ResMed Sleep Apnea Studies - Home Sleep Study Keller, Texas

Home Sleep Study Testing Made Easy:

A home setup is similar to that in a clinic, hospital or sleep lab – with the added comfort and convenience of staying at home. Prior to the night of the sleep study, a sleep clinician will have shown you how to apply the sensors and monitors, and how to use the recording device during the night.

On the night of the sleep test, you should simply follow a normal evening routine, then attach the monitors and begin the recording before sleeping. In the morning, they simply remove everything as shown and return the recording device to the clinic.

This simple home sleep study setup can be performed using ResMed’s ApneaLink™ Air, a compact, lightweight and easy-to-use home sleep testing device. The ApneaLink Air is capable of recording up to five channels of information, including respiratory effort, pulse, oxygen saturation, nasal flow and snoring.

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