Allergy Testing


Allergy Testing

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Instead of just a short-term fix for your allergy symptoms, wouldn’t you rather eliminate the cause of your allergies?

Allergies occur when your body perceives dust, molds, pet hair or pollens as threats, and rallies its defenses against them. Your body’s reactions include sneezing, dry cough, snoring, clearing your throat, sinus congestion, asthma and much more.

Prescription and over-the-counter allergy medications only reduce symptoms temporarily. If you stop taking these medications, your allergy symptoms will return shortly. They do nothing to address the cause of your allergies, which is why the symptoms return season after season.

Your path to freedom from allergies starts with a simple, quick test.

Allergy Testing is the first step. This testing confirms whether you have allergies, and if so, pin points exactly which allergens are causing your annoying and sometimes debilitating symptoms. In just 20 minutes, we can perform a needle-free allergy skin test which screens for 62 common allergens in Texas. After diagnosing your specific allergies, a customized allergy treatment can be offered to give long term allergy relief.

There is a long-term allergy solution!

Immunotherapy desensitizes your body to these normally harmless environmental particles called antigens. Very small doses are introduced to your system via a customized serum. As treatment progresses, the concentration of antigens in this serum increases so that your immune system learns to ignore the allergens, making you a much happier person during allergy season!

“My allergies are a hundred times better than this time last year. Thanks!”

Michele H., Grapevine, TX

Traditional immunotherapy (allergy shots) has advanced and is now available for home treatment. Immunotherapy is based on a century-old proven theory that the immune system can be desensitized to specific allergens that trigger allergy systems. By allowing the patient to inject themselves 3 times a week at home, the final maintenance phase can be reached safely and more quickly with significant time savings compared to older in-office protocols.

Benefits of Home Immunotherapy

  • Most patients feel noticeable relief within just two months of starting treatment and many improve in as little as a few weeks
  • This type of immunotherapy is extremely safe with rare, mild side effects
  • They are painless–no shots or scary needles
  • You avoid excess trips to the doctor’s office, saving lots of time and money
  • They work especially well for children
  • They provide long-lasting results

“I haven’t touched my over the counter allergy medicine in months.
Cheryl Y., Euless, TX

Your path to freedom from allergies starts with a simple, quick test.

If you’ve had, or heard about, allergy test in the past, you know they included a painful series of shots in the back or arms, then a long wait as your skin turned red, itchy and uncomfortable. No Longer. Now, after your healthcare provider reviews a pain-free skin test* that will reveal you allergies in just 15 minutes. You’ll also find out if immunotherapy is the right solution for you. If so, you can immediately begin to put your allergies behind you!


* People with certain medical conditions may be required to take a blood test instead.

Sublingual Immunotherapy is Endorsed by the World Health Organization.